Start Your Renovation Journey

Building and renovating can be an exciting process.  Whether it’s designing your very first home or buying an older home that you’re going to redo.

When it comes to renovating, the journey can be simple or elaborate, but the key is to know your limit.  Expect the unexpected and be ready to face a lot of challenges.  It’s good to be smart and have a plan of what you are expecting for each area.

Knocking down a simple wall can transform a house into a completely new look.  Changing dull colours to fresh whites will make an area seem renewed and open it up to new design possibilities. Changing handles and splashback in a tired kitchen can bring it back to life.


Finding pictures that inspire, colours that you’re drawn to, bathroom and kitchen styles that you envy, all help a designer put together the perfect composition. Some questions to help you start with; what colour is your favourite?  What feelings do you want when you walk into your home? Do you prefer warm or cool tones?


Concentrating on one area at a time is ideal and a good starting point is the floor. Look at floor designs that you are drawn too, a colour that you’re leaning towards more than others. Whether it’s modern, minimalist, contemporary, classic, heritage, rustic., there is a flooring that will suit your requirements.

Once the flooring has been selected the rest of the house can be centred around this making choosing paint colours, cabinetry, and benchtop easier.  Feature walls can be added later.


Kitchens are the heart of a home so a lot of time and thought needs to go into this process.  Colours can be easy, but it’s the behind-the-scenes that’s important.  Thoroughly go through this area with professionals. Adding splashbacks in a kitchen is the last thing that should be considered as it plays an important part of bringing the rooms together.


There is so much to consider when designing a bathroom. Keeping it simple of course is the easiest and safest option.  Nothing wrong with a nice floor and crisp white wall tiles, allowing the client to dress the area with coloured towels and accessories.

But modern trends have now allowed consumers to think outside the square.  Black, nickel, gunmetal hardware, concrete bowls, wall hung vanities, large format tiles, the options are endless. White walls will always be popular but doing the same tile floor and wall can makes the room look bigger and gives it a sense of grandeur.

Keeping the main bathroom and powder room consistent with the main house is always a good idea, as they complement the living areas. But when it comes to ensuites, there is no reason why the client can’t go completely unique to suit their personal space.

It’s always best to keep in mind when designing if the latest trends are going to last. Will it still be popular in 5 years’ time? Unfortunately, no one knows the answer. A lot of renovators like to keep things ‘’safe’’ for resale value, but is there anything wrong with being bold and letting yourself enjoy what makes you happy now?