The Green Trend

Years ago when you thought of using the colour green in your home, it used to mean heritage, country and the traditional Queenlander styling. However times have changed and green tones have evolved in the design industry, expanding into kitchen cupboards, wallpapers, paints and now tiles.

Green tones, ranging from classic, deep heritage green to a light mint fresh, are giving home renovators such diverse applications throughout their home to keep up with the latest trends and welcome a different perspective into a contemporary space.

Nothing screams clean and crisp like a white bathroom with a feature touch of mint tile. Or a full wall done in the Fade Mint as an entry feature, a bold splashback with the Edge Dark Green subway.  When used appropriately, the colour green stands out as daring and refreshing while also being unique.

Keep things as simple as possible, because in some cases, less is more. Complement the use of green tiles throughout the house by including additional accessories and ornamental items.