Bring the Outdoors In!

Having the convenience of a tile that can go indoor and outdoor has made life a lot simpler for clients. A range of tiles come in different finishes and can accommodate for every area including external.


If you have the choice of using the same tile both inside and outside of your home, it might open up a lot more opportunities for you to utilise your space. Open wide spaces are desirable, easy solutions, and add to your living space.

Bringing indoor colours outdoors can also compliment your internal furnishing. Too many contrasting features, colours, or design styles can be unpleasant in a home, by carrying the same aesthetics outdoors, everything flows together nicely.

All of these add value to your house and will give you that grand feeling of the expanse of space.


The typical way to apply the same tile for internal and external tiles is by using a gloss or lappato finish for inside, and then use the structured finish for outside areas. There are quite a few advantages of doing this. The varying textures can define the different areas in your house while at the same time carrying that same cohesive look.

Thanks to recent advancements in tiling technology, you are now able to continue using the same tile indoors and outdoors with the same finish. The new SmoothGrip ranges uses the latest nano-surface technology to produce a smooth surface, with a high degree of slip resistance.

SmoothGrip tiles inspire the designer in us all, enabling one tile to be used internally in bathrooms, kitchens and lounge rooms and externally on patios and around swimming pools. Because tiles with SmoothGrip technology doesn’t have the roughness associated with traditional external tiles, they are easy to clean.


Make sure you do consider driveways, pathways and around pools too when selecting your internal/patio tile.  All these areas need that extra grip and also you may need coping.  Most tiles can be rounded to accommodate this, giving you the versatility to take it everywhere.

Remember that that going for a contrasting style is also perfectly acceptable. There are a wide variety of options available when it comes to matching various styles to our home.