The Latest Bathroom Tiling Trends

Embarking on a bathroom renovation journey opens up a world of possibilities. The choice of tiles plays a pivotal role in not only defining the space but also in reflecting your unique style and the latest design innovations. Let’s explore the current bathroom tiling trends, materials, as well as our SmoothGrip technology that marries safety with ease of cleaning.

The Latest Trends

Large-Format Tiles

Large-format tiles bring a sleek, uninterrupted grace to your bathroom, enhancing the sense of space while minimizing maintenance hassles. Their versatility across materials enriches your design palette, letting your creativity flow.

Natural Stone Look Tiles

Immerse yourself in the luxury of natural stone look tiles, where each tile tells a story. This trend offers the timeless appeal of stone with the practical benefits of porcelain or ceramic, crafting spaces that are both magnificent and manageable.

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles invite you to infuse your space with personality and color. Perfect for accentuating areas like shower walls or splashbacks, they turn ordinary spaces into bespoke masterpieces.

The Perfect Material

In the realm of bathroom tiles, porcelain and ceramic stand out for their blend of beauty and functionality. Porcelain, with its remarkable durability and water resistance, is a haven for those seeking longevity in wet areas. Ceramic tiles, offering an array of designs at a friendly price point, ensure that style is accessible to all.

We explored the key differences between porcelain and ceramic tiles at another post which you can find below.

Choosing the Right Tile Finish

The finish of your tiles can dramatically alter the ambiance of your bathroom, from the reflective allure of polished finishes to the understated elegance of matte surfaces.

One thing you have to consider is safety. Tiles with polished finish are perfectly suitable for your bathroom walls, but the same can’t be true for your floor, as wet polished tiles is a slip hazard.

Introducing SmoothGrip

Gone are the days of choosing between a safe, slip-resistant bathroom floor and one that’s a breeze to clean. Our SmoothGrip technology presents the best of both worlds: tiles that feel smooth to the touch when dry but offer indispensable grip when wet. Say hello to effortless maintenance without compromising on safety.

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